Anaphylaxis: Turkish National Guideline 2018


  • Fazıl Orhan
  • Ersoy Civelek
  • Ümit Murat Şahiner
  • Mustafa Arga
  • Demet Can
  • Ahmet Zafer Çalıkaner
  • Feyzullah Çetinkaya
  • Hülya Ercan Sarıçoban
  • Mustafa Erkoçoğlu
  • Aslı Gelincik
  • Şükrü Nail Güner
  • Mahir İğde
  • Özgür Kartal
  • Mehmet Kılıç
  • Can Naci Kocabaş
  • Uğur Hacı Muşabak
  • Erdem Topal
  • Müge Toyran
  • Zeynep Ülker Tamay
  • Özge Yılmaz


Anaphylaxis, National guideline, Turkish National Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology


Anaphylaxis is an acute and potentially fatal systemic reaction that sould be recognized and managed by all helthcare professionals. This is the first national guideline of Turkish National Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology on diagnosis and management of anaphylaxis. The guideline is prepared by Anaphylaxis Interest Group with the incorporation of 20 allergy/immunology specialists and the epidemiology, etiology, pathophysiology, symptoms and signs, diagnosis/ differentials, and acute and long-term management of anaphylaxis are reviewed in detail.


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Orhan F, Civelek E, Şahiner Ümit M, Arga M, Can D, Çalıkaner AZ, Çetinkaya F, Ercan Sarıçoban H, Erkoçoğlu M, Gelincik A, Güner Şükrü N, İğde M, Kartal Özgür, Kılıç M, Kocabaş CN, Muşabak UH, Topal E, Toyran M, Tamay Z Ülker, Yılmaz Özge. Anaphylaxis: Turkish National Guideline 2018. AAI [Internet]. 2018 Apr. 10 [cited 2022 Jan. 24];16. Available from:



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