Urticaria in a 12-Year-Old Female Patient Undergoing Traditional Cautery Therapy: Case Report

Sevgi Bilgiç Eltan
Ercan Küçükosmanoğlu
Abdülkadir Usta
Özlem Keskin


Urticaria (Hives) is a common skin disease which can affect patients’ quality of life negatively because of widespread involvement of the body and occasionally a chronic course. In recent years, the popularity of complementary and alternative therapies (TAT) has been increasing in chronic diseases. TAT practices are also increasing in the treatment of allergic/immunologic diseases. Some of these treatments have harmful consequences for patients. In this article, we report a chronic urticaria patient who received traditional cautery therapy implemented with a hot needle and emphasize the harmful effects that alternative treatment methods may cause from time to time.


Alternative therapy, child, urticaria
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