Allergenic Airborne Olea (olive) and Fraxinus (ash) Pollen Concentrations Belonging to the Oleaceae Family in Turkey

Adem Bıçakçı
Mustafa Kemal Altunoğlu
Aycan Tosunoğlu
Sevcan Çelenk
Yakup Canıtez
Hulusi Malyer
Nihat Sapan


One of the most important allergens causing allergic diseases of the respiratory system is airborne tree, grass and weed pollen grains. Oleaceae family members are very important in tree pollen grains. In this study, airborne pollen studies were carried out in Turkey, and the monthly changes in Olea and Fraxinus pollens rates for 55 regions were evaluated. In the studies carried out, the highest Fraxinus pollen grains were recorded in spring, and Olea pollen grains were recorded in late spring and early summer. According to atmospheric pollen studies, although Fraxinus pollen grains were found in more regions than Olea, more Olea pollen grains were recorded than of Fraxinus.


Olea, Fraxinus, pollen, hypersensitivity
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