Allergenic Airborne Gramineae (Grass) Pollen Concentrations in Turkey

Adem Bıçakçı
Sevcan Çelenk
Mustafa Kemal Altunoğlu
Aycan Bilişik
Yakup Canıtez
Hulusi Malyer
Nihat Sapan


One of the most important allergens which cause allergic disease of upper and lower respiratory system is the effect of the airborne pollen grains belonging to Gramineae (Grass) family. In this compilation, it was pointed out that airborne pollen studies was carried out in Turkey and the monthly changes of allergenic Grass pollens rates for 51 regions of Turkey were presented as a calendar. In the studies carried out, the highest Grass pollen grains were recorded between april and august.


Poaceae, pollen, hypersensitivity
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