A Case of Anaphylaxis to Legumes During Prick to Prick Test

Özlem Yılmaz
Serkan Atıcı
Hacer İlbilge Ertoy Karagöl
Erdem Topal
Arzu Bakırtaş
Mehmet Sadık Demirsoy
İpek Türktaş


The most common causes of food allergy vary among countries according to the dietary habits and the frequency of consumption of foods. Legumes are important sources of protein that are widely consumed all over the world. The legume family includes lentils, chickpeas, beans, broad beans as well as peanuts and soybeans.

Skin prick tests are generally considered safe. However, systemic reactions may develop during skin prick testing, Systemic reactions from skin testing are more frequent with food, drug, latex and venom allergens. Systemic reactions occur more frequently after prick to prick tests that are performed with fresh food than those with standard extracts.

This paper reports a case with a history of anaphylaxis to lentils and peas. The patient was found to have type 1 reaction to chick peas, broad beans and green beans although she did not describe a reaction to these legumes in her history. The patient experienced anaphylaxis during skin testing with legumes when multiple tests were performed at the same time. There was no reaction when skin prick tests were performed in more than one session. The patient is noteworthy in this regard and discussed in detail.



Anaphylaxis, legumes, prick to prick test
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