Phytophotodermatitis Related With the Giant Fennel (Ferula Communis): The First Case Report

Ömer Faruk Elmas
Okan Kızılyel
Mahmut Sami Metin
Handan Bilen
Mustafa Atasoy


Ferula communis is a kind of plant believed to have curative properties in many diseases. A 19-year-old boy presented with cutaneous vesiculobullous lesions on erythematous base and he was diagnosed as phytophotodermatitis caused by F. communis. To our knowledge, there is no any other case of contact dermatitis due to Ferula spp. in the literature. We have reported this phytophotodermatitis case to discuss the probable harmful results of traditional medicine because the plant is widely used in our country.


Contact dermatitis, Ferula communis
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