The role of nasal provocation test in the differential diagnosis of allergic and non-allergic rhinitis

Ramazan Ersoy
Mehmet Ünsel
F. Ömür Ardeniz
Okan Gülbahar
Nihal Mete
Aytül Z. Sin
Ali Kokuludağ


Objective: The local allergen-specific IgE synthesis has been demonstrated via nasal provocation test in patients presented with allergic rhinitis symptoms in the absence of positive skin and specific IgE tests recently. In this study we searched the house dust mite allergy in patients who presented perennial allergic rhinitis symptoms with negative test results by means of nasal provocation test.

Materials and Methods: Sixty-five patients presented perennial allergic rhinitis symptoms with negative skin prick test, intradermal test and serum- specific IgE analyses to house dust mites (Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus ve Dermatophagoides farinae) as well as 35 patients allergic to only house dust mites were performed nasal provocation test with D. pteronyssinus.

Results: The nasal provocation test with D. pteronyssinus was found to be positive in 8 (12.3%) of the 65 patients with negative allergy tests. All the patients allergic to house dust mites were found to show positive nasal provocation test.

Conclusion: The demonstration of the positive nasal provocation test to D. pteronyssinus in a group of patients presenting allergic rhinitis symptoms with negative skin tests and serum specific IgE to D. pteronyssinus supports the development of local allergic reaction in the absence of systemic allergic inflammation.


Nasal provocation test, allergic rhinitis, non-allergic rhinitis, house dust mites, local allergic rhinitis
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