Nine cases of cutaneous tuberculosis being followed up in our dispensary


  • Beyhan Çakar
  • Lütfiye Nur Kafalı


Tuberculosis, cutaneous, lupus vulgaris


Objective: To investigate age, sex, contact history, tuberculin skin test (TST), BCG scar, lesion location, pathology of cutaneous tuberculosis cases who had followed up in our dispansery in 2006-2011.

Materials and Methods: The data of cutaneous tuberculosis patients were evaluated retrospectively.

Results: Totally, 512 cases with tuberculosis were followed up in 2006-2011. 201 of these cases were extrapulmonary tuberculosis. In these, 9 cutaneous tuberculosis (female/male: 5/4) were diagnosed. The cutaneous tuberculosis was seen %1.75 (9/512) in all tuberculosis cases and %4.4 (9/201) in extrapulmonary tuberculosis. Mean age was 45.3 ± 22.8 (10-85). Scrofuloderma (n= 3), lupus vulgaris (n= 2), erythema induratum (n= 1) necrotizing granulomatosis dermatitis (n= 2) were confirmed by pathology. In a case who had no pathologic result. Four case’s chest X-ray had infiltration. Family tuberculosis contact history were available in five cases. A case was relapse. BCG scar were no in three cases, the others had single scar. TST were 10-15 mm in 4, 15-20 mm in five cases. The location of lesions were ear, neck, hand and arm, leg and inguinal.

Conclusion: The cutaneous tuberculosis is stil appearing as a matter although it has seen rarely. The majority of cutaneous tuberculosis cases consist of scrofuloderma.


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