Pityriasis Likenoides Et Varilioformis Acuta (PLEVA) Prediagnosed As Mastoscytosis

H. İlbilge Ertoy Karagöl
Özlem Yılmaz
İpek Işık Gönül
Erdem Topal
Arzu Bakırtaş


We presented 6 years-old boy who admitted to our clinic with a pre-diagnosis of cutaneous mastocytosis. The child had red-brown colored, diffuse maculopapular eruptions which were more pronounced on his trunk without any pruritus. The other findings on physical examination were normal. We performed punch biopsy from lesions on his skin to reveal the diagnosis. Histopathological examination of biopsy material was consistent with Pityriasis Likenoides et Varilioformis Acuta (PLEVA). He resolved without treatment in the follow-up period. In this report, we examined the clinical symptoms, diagnostic work-up and treatment of PLEVA and discussed the differential diagnosis of PLEVA with mastocytosis.


Pityriasis Likenoides et Varilioformis Acuta, PLEVA, mastocytosis
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