A Rare Allergy to Clarithromycin: Isolated Angioedema

Hacer İlbilge Ertoy Karagöl
Özlem Yılmaz
Cüneyt Karagöl
Erdem Topal
Arzu Bakırtaş


Allergic reactions with macrolide group antibiotic is rare. Most of these reactions are limited to skin and seen as urticaria, maculopapular exanthem or fi xed drug eruption. Clarithromycin associated angioedema without urticaria has not been reported previously. In this report, we presented a nine years old boy who describes angioedema with diff erent groups of drugs but the only agent that could be proven with oral provacation tests was clarithromycin. Here in, under scope of this patient, we discuss macrolid allergies.


Isolated angioedema, clarithromycin, macrolides allergy
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