From the Editor

Gül Karakaya


Dear Colleagues,

As the editorial team, it’s our pleasure to present you the second issue of the journal of the year of 2019, which includes two reviews, five research articles and two case reports. One of the reviews outlines the features of the cell-mediated cytotoxic assays. In the other review you will find the clues about the primary immunodeficiencies associated with atopic dermatitis which is one of the most common skin diseases of childhood. The first research article shows that inhaled steroids used in asthmatic children do not effect the heart rate variability. The second one concludes that the symptom scores improve but periostin levels do not change significantly during grass pollen specific immunotherapy at 4th and 12th months in children with allergic rhinitis. You will find the clinical features and the skin prick test results of a large group of chronic urticaria patients in the third article. The fourth article demonstrates that there is a high rate of cross reaction between cow’s, goat’s and sheep’s milk shown with the results of both skin prick and atopy patch tests, whereas, there was no cross reaction between cow’s and camel’s milk by either test method in children with atopic dermatitis and cow’s milk allergy. You will find the clinical evaluation of allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis patients and the successful treatment of five of them among these with omalizumab in the last article. Two patients with interesting features are presented in the case reports; one with nonsteroid antiinflammatory drug hypersensitivity also reactive to oral methylprednisolone and the other one with multiple severe anaphylaxis due to ingestion of thyme, black pepper, wasp and honey.

We hope you all have a happy and a fruitful summer and fall.

Yours Respectfully

Gül Karakaya

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