A Rare Case of Multiple Severe Anaphylaxis Caused by Thyme, Black Pepper, Wasp and Honey

Murat Türk
İnsu Yılmaz


Dried thyme, black pepper and honey are widely used worldwide. However, systemic allergic reactions to these substances are rarely reported. Here we report a 45-year-old case with multiple severe anaphylaxis to thyme, black pepper, honey and wasp, that occurred at different times. Her reactions to thyme, black pepper and wasp were IgE-mediated as confirmed with skin prick tests and/or serology. It was not possible to determine the underlying etiology of her honey allergy. Still, with her history and the risk of systemic reactions with bee secretions and/or pollen protein content of honey, she was advised not to consume any traces of the causative foods and informed about bee avoidance.


Thyme, black pepper, wasp, anaphylaxis
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