A Baker with Asthma and Wheat Flour Food Allergy

İnsu Yılmaz
Dilşad Mungan


Patients with wheat flour food allergy and with baker’s asthma are not sensitised to wheat pollen, despite the fact that they share some common allergens. In the same way, asthmatic bakers tolerate the ingestion of bread. The difference in sensitisation routes (inhalation versus ingestion) and allergenic source (wheat flour versus processed wheat foodstuffs) could explain this fact, although some wheat allergens, like α-amylase inhibitors, lipid transfer proteins and gliadin are implicated in both types of allergy. We report the case of a 45-year-old male who worked in a bakery for 30 years as a baker. He was confirmed to have occupational asthma, rhinitis and food allergy due to wheat flour.


Baker’s asthma, wheat allergens, food allergy, lipid transfer proteins, alpha-amylase inhibitors, gliadin
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