Different IgE Reactivity Profiles in the Patients Who Sensitized to Betula Pendula Roth (syn = B. verrucosa) Pollen

Şenol Alan
Özlem Yıldırım
Nur Münevver Pınar
Derya Seçil
Tamer Keçeli
Talip Çeter
Zeynep Mısırlıgil


Objective: IgE reactivity has been investigated in the patients who sensitized to Betula pendula Roth (syn= B. verrucosa) pollen that distributed widely in nature habitat and also in park and gardens in Turkey.

Materials and Methods: Protein profile of pollen was studied by SDS-PAGE and transferred to polyvinylidenfluorid (PVDF) membrane. IgE reactivity profiles have been assessed via 10 patients who sensitized to pollen.

Results: It has been found that 86% (n= 6) show a positive reaction to 17 kDa (Bet v 1), 29% (n= 2) of sensitized seven patients has show a positive reaction to 15 kDa (Bet v 2). Only one patient show a reaction to protein which has 14.5 kDa molecular weight.

Conclusion: Our preliminary results have shown that the most common IgE reactivitiy was against Bet v 1 in Betula pollen allergy in our country similar to many European countries.


Betula pendula, pollen, immunoglobulin E, Bet v 1 allergen, Bet v 2 allergen
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