Allergenic Airborne Pollen Concentrations of Chenopodiaceae/ Amaranthaceae (goosefoot/pigweed families) in Turkey

Adem Bıçakçı
Mustafa Kemal Altunoğlu
Aycan Tosunoğlu
Ahmet Akkaya
Hulusi Malyer
Nihat Sapan


Pollen grains of Chenopodiaceae/Amaranthaceae family members belonging to weed taxa are one of the main causes of allergic respiratory system diseases. In this study, airborne pollen studies were carried out in Turkey, and the monthly changes in Chenopodiacea/Amaranthaceae pollen rates for 58 regions were evaluated. Within the studies, the highest Chenopodiaceae/Amaranthaceae pollen grains were recorded on august-september, around year.


Chenopodiaceae, Amaranthaceae, pollen, allergy
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