Food Allergy Due to Ferula

Mehmet Ünsel
Ahmet Çakır
Yusuf Kaya
F. Ömür Ardeniz


The genus Ferula known as “Çaşır otu” in Turkey is belonging to Umbelliferae family and there are about 17 species of this genus in Turkish flora. The Ferula species such as F. communis, F. orientalis, F. rigidula DC are consumed as vegetable and also known as an aphrodisiac in the East Anatolia. So far, an allergic reaction stemming from Ferula consumption has not been reported. A 39 year-old male patient had been admitted to the emergency room due to itching of the scalp, asymetrical swelling in the face, lip, tongue and shortness of breath developed in 30 minutes following consuming of Ferula. Prick-to-prick test with raw Ferula was found to be positive. Skin prick tests with Ferula extracts and grass, weed and tree pollens gave positive results. Herein, we firstly described a patient with food allergy due to Ferula.


Ferula, food allergy, pollen food syndrome
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