Allergenic Plantago (Plantain) Pollen Concentrations in Turkey

Adem Bıçakçı
Mustafa Kemal Altunoğlu
Aycan Tosunoğlu
Ahmet Akkaya
Hulusi Malyer
Nihat Sapan


Objective: Pollen grains of the species belonging to Plantago genus cause some allergic diseases like allergic rhinitis, allergic conjunctivitis and allergic asthma on sensitive individuals.

Materials and Methods: In this study, monthly variation and annual proportions of Plantago pollen investigated for 62 atmospheric pollen studies in Turkey, which carried out by using Lanzoni/Burkard sampler with volumetric method or by using Durham sampler with gravimetric method. Furthermore, researches evaluated about Plantago pollen sensitivities, performed in Europe and our country.

Results: According to the atmospheric pollen studies, incidences of Plantago pollen grains are changing between 0.08 to 11.45% in respect of total pollen amount. Plantago pollen grains are seen in the atmosphere for a long period and present in high levels in may-june.

Conclusion: In the regions, atmospheric pollen studies have been prepared, Plantago pollen grains detected in the air in small amounts but for a long period. It should be considered that, Plantago pollen, which have important allergic effects, may cause symptoms on sensitive individuals especially between may-june, also in the other months.


Plantago, plantain, pollen, allergy
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