Characteristics of nonallergic rhinitis

Ayşe Baççıoğlu Kavut
Füsun Kalpaklıoğlu


Nonallergic rhinitis (NAR) is a type of rhinitis with perennial symptoms, unknown aetiology, and no clear treatment suggestions. Even though NAR has similarities with allergic rhinitis with regards to its prevalence, symptoms and impairment on quality of life, its importance is underestimated in clinical practice. There is no single valid test for the diagnosis of NAR as typical rhinitis symptoms, negativity in allergy skin tests and/or specific IgE, and exclusion of nonallergic rhinitis types with known aetiology are required. Pathophysiology of NAR is poorly understood, but a key component involves activation of neurogenic or allergic pathways. The aim of this review was to describe the characteristics, diagnostic methods, prevalence, pathophysiology, and treatment of NAR in the light of recent publications.


Allergic rhinitis, entopy, neurogenic, nonallergic rhinitis
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