Allergy & Immunology Training: What do Fellows Expect?

Bülent Büyüktiryaki
Ayfer Tuncer
Derya Ufuk Altıntaş
Zeynep Mısırlıgil
Bülent Enis Şekerel


The feedback of fellows is critical for improving training programs. The expectations/perceptions of Allergy/ Immunology fellows were investigated through a web based-survey. The majority (91%) of fellows participated (median age: 34 years, interquartile range: 32- 37 years); 70% were pediatricians. The most common reasons to apply for the fellowship-training were: expectations of higher specialization (76.7%) and pursuing an academic career (73.3%). Though the majority (80%) were satisfied with their decision to apply to a subspecialty program, for one third, the training did not meet their expectations and one fourth perceived that the facilities in their department were not adequate for A/I training. 42% believed that a standardized core curriculum is mandatory, and in addition 86% of fellows desired to attend national and international exchange programs. Future anxiety was reported in 47.4%, but only one fourth are pessimistic about their career in the future. This survey provides interesting insights and feedback to address the shortcomings in training programs.


Fellow, speciality, survey, training
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