Developing Anaphylaxis to Egg After Liver Transplantation: A Case Report

Elif Şenbaba
Ferhat Çatal
Erdem Topal


Food allergy has been increasingly reported in children who had orthotopic liver transplantation. The exact mechanism of post-liver transplantation allergies remains to be elucidated. Children are at risk for the development of food allergy for the first year of transplantation and immunosuppression with tacrolimustreated patients. 11-month-old patient that underwent transplantation of liver at the month of 5 due to giant cell hepatitis, consulted to our pediatric emergency department after 15 minutes with body itching, redness, swelling of the lips, and rapid breathing, cough after 10 minutes of eating egg. The patient was diagnosed as anaphylaxis, and then injected epinephrine intramusculer. After 4 weeks, the patient whose clinical findings improved, 5 x 5 mm induration (negative control 0 mm, positive control, 6 x 6 mm) of white egg were detected in the skin prick test. Our aim of presenting this fact is to emphasize the necessity to closely monitor the patients especially in the age group of infants with hepatic transplant for the development of food allergies.


Anaphylaxis, liver transplantation, egg
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