Cost of Asthma Hospitalizations in a Pulmonary Clinic of a State Hospital

Jülide Çeldir Emre
Özer Özdemir
Ayşegül Baysak
Ümit Aksoy
Pelin Özdemir
Adnan Tolga Öz
Nigar Dirican
Abdullah Sayıner


Objective: We aimed to evaluate the direct costs of patients hospitalized due to asthma attack in a state hospital according to the disease severity, age and comorbidities.

Materials and Methods: The patients that are hospitalized due to asthma attack between September 2012 and March 2013 were included in our study. Patient records and data of costs were analyzed retrospectively.

Results: 144 patients were included in our study. 86.8% (n= 125) of patients were female and 13.2% (n= 19) were male. Mean age was 60.9 years (range 16–101) and 45.8% of patients were over 65 years old. 81.3% were never smokers and 65.3% (n= 94) had at least one comorbidity. Mean length of hospital stay was 8.5 ± 4.6 days and mean total direct costs was 923.8 ± 562.2 TL (513.2 $ ± 312.3 $; 401.7 € ± 244.4 €). When the faktörlericomponents of total cost were evaluated, it was found that total bed cost was 263.1 ± 144.7 TL (146.2 $ ± 80.4 $; 114.4 € ± 62.9 €) and cost of medications was 453.4 ± 325.9 TL (251.9 $ ± 181.1 $; 197.1 € ± 141.7 €). Total costs increased as the age of the patients increased but it was not statistically significant (p= 0.054). Mean length of hospital stay and total costs were not different between both sexes (respectively p= 0.94 and p= 0.74). Presence of comorbidities did not make difference in length of hospital stay and total costs (p= 0.44 and p= 0.15); but total laboratory expenditures and antibiotic costs were higher in patients with comorbidities (respectively p= 0.025 and p= 0.03). As the severity of asthma attack increased, length of hospital stay and total costs increased (p< 0.001).

Conclusion: The costs of hospitalizations due to asthma attack are about 10 times of costs of ICS-LABA monthly treatment for stable asthma. Total cost is found to becorrelated with the severity of attack whereas, age, sex and presence of comorbidities have no effect on costs.


Asthma, costs, length of hospital stay
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